ABC Convention Awards one pic

Sears Contract, Inc. Brings Home Two Awards from the 2021 ABC Carolinas Construction Convention!

This year’s Kirby Award, voted on by the ABC Carolinas Board of Directors, was earned by Casie Sears Kerr!  As the Corporate Secretary for Sears Contract, Inc., as well as having served ABCC in numerous roles (including her ongoing involvement in the Triangle Council and Summer Convention Committee member), she is representative of ABC and their mission. Casie was nominated to the ABC BoD in 2015 and served as Chair during a transitional time from 2018 through 2019.  She was involved with ABC National as a Board member in 2019, and she currently serves on the ABC National Chapter Development Committee. Casie Sears Kerr’s dedication, personal passion and professional pledge to the construction industry mirrors the intent behind this award.

Sears Contract, Inc. brought home The Chapter Member of the Year for 2020. As a family owned and operated commercial specialty contractor founded in 1995 and proud members of ABC Carolinas since 2005, Sears Contract, Inc, has serviced the needs of customers in North Carolina for over 26 years. With offices in Raleigh, Charlotte and Wilmington, Sears Contract, Inc. views their ABC Carolinas Membership as an opportunity for corporate, professional, and personal growth. A belief that Sears Contract, Inc holds onto is “the more that the put into a membership, the more they get out of it.”


ABC Carolinas 2022 Top Performers

Twenty four ABC Carolinas Chapter Members were named as an Associated Builders and Contractors 2022 Top Performers for their achievements.  Sears Contract, Inc. ranked #6 on ABC National’s